Web Design: For Beginners

Visuality and clarity have always been considered the main criteria for evaluating web design system development, because almost every element of a website is a visual object. This means that before modifying or adding any visual effects to the site, you should make sure that they correspond to the main idea of ​​the project. All used layouts, fonts and animations must be harmoniously combined. 

The visual components of sites can be divided into two major groups: purely aesthetic and with a specific practical purpose. In this article here is how to properly select and use them, taking into account the new trends of 2017.

Visual effects for aesthetic design

Recently, most designers claim that the theme of the 80-90s is back in fashion 10kb systems sdn bhd. It’s easy to explain – the vast majority of active and experienced web audiences are people whose childhood fell on this period of time. But how can web designers apply these trends to real projects?

First of all, dealing with the aesthetic design of the project, you should take care of its naturalness. For this purpose, when creating a design, you can use textures of wood, metal, stone – they will make the presentation of your product more “alive”. It is also recommended to post only real photos on the site. If visitors consider the images on your site to be credible, the likelihood that they will agree to work with you will increase dramatically.

Web Design for Beginners: Main Applications and New Technologies

Another “real” trend in modern web design is the use of hand-drawn images and videos. In this style, you can design site icons or animations. This idea is not new, but has recently become increasingly popular among designers, and in 2017 the popularity of this approach will only grow. One of the reasons for the attractiveness of such elements – they look aesthetically pleasing on the screens of mobile devices.

Another popular trend is animation. Animated elements quickly attract the attention of visitors, so they are used on various websites, regardless of their purpose and budget. Of course, the very idea of ​​using animations in web design is not new, but in 2017 it will definitely not lose ground. And given that the number of professional tools for creating animation is growing, it can be argued that such elements will become more beautiful and elegant.

There are several ways to use animation, with which you can give a new impetus to the design of your project. These are cinematographs, background animations and background videos, animated icons, parallax effect. After analyzing each of them, you will understand which option is right for your site.

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Best Books to Learn Web Design

The main technologies which beginners require mastering so as to work with the most tasks at the time of creating a website are CSS and HTML. It will not be superfluous, of course, Java Script and PHP, but this is the second step. 

From the book number that use to be available on this subject, eyes accumulate. But for that kinds of people who use to be just taking their initial steps and wish to get systematized information exactly, several best ones are there.