Monitoring baby’s movement 

Gestational period in women’s life:

Pregnancy is the most interesting phase in each and every woman. But the pregnancy will be not same for all baby monitor reviews. Some women will enjoy their pregnancy time and some will suffer during that time due to the vomiting issues. The gestational period is about 10 months but the 10 months won’t go at ease. There will be lot of changes happen to the women during that period. Everyone should accept that changes and enjoy their pregnancy life because the baby can feel the mother’s feeling from the womb.

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If the mother is happy, baby will be also happy. During each month baby will start to grow phase by phase. Every month of journey is the big task to the women. Some will face the mood swing too, they will cry, laugh and get angry without reasons. Husband and surrounding people should adjust to it and pamper the pregnant women a lot. Only their support can change the women’s mood and it will lead to the healthy baby growth. The baby should grow well each month, which can be done through the healthy mother. The mother needs to take healthy foods for the baby, then only it can grow according to each trimester.

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Why calculating baby movements is important in pregnancy time?

Calculating the baby movements in the mother womb is the important thing because we can’t see what baby is doing inside the womb and how it feels. From the 6th month onwards, baby movements can be felt clearly by the mother babyjourney. Before that baby will be too small to calculate the movements. After the 6th month it will be grown up and mother can feel the baby roll overs too. During the third trimester it is more important to note the baby movements because baby will be well developed and it won’t have sufficient space to move in the mother’s womb. It will get suffocation easily. So, the mother needs to calculate the movements very clearly. The baby may react to the surrounding noises, lights, and good ate by the mother. Whatever the mother does, they will respond to it.

During the third trimester, the movements will be less due to the insufficient space and baby tries to get fix at one point to come out easily. In general, the mother needs to feel 10 movements of baby in an hour of time, if they don’t feel any movements, they need to visit the doctor at once without any delays. If the mother can’t feel the baby movements for half an hour, she should tap the baby to make the baby active because some babies will sleep and won’t move. If the baby won’t response to the tap, they need to visit hospital without any delay. Baby movements can be missed due to various reasons such as cord around the baby neck, less amount of water level or increased heartbeat, etc., there will be some other reasons too. These all leads to fetal dead so, mother should aware of the baby movements each and every time.