Pew Research Centre demographic analysis stated that the number one religion that is highly celebrated across the world is Christianity. It is also the religion that has the highest followers across the globe. It is estimated that the Christianity has as many followers as more than 2 billion. Being a Christian means having faith about Jesus Christ, his birth, life, death, and resurrection. Even though the religion, Christianity, revolved around a few people, but it was only after a while the spread of this religion grew across the countries.

Christianity Beliefs

Some of the Christianity Beliefs

There are simple to complex believes one can have a Christian. However, the main basic believes and concepts of Christianity are as follows;

  1. Christians, besides having a lot of faith, believes that there is only one supreme power, and that is God himself, who created heavens and earth. The God consists of three spirits being the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and lastly the Holy Spirit.
  2. Another basic concept of Christianity is that the religion revolves around the three basic essences of life, life, death, and the resurrection to heaven or hell.
  3. Jesus Christ was crucified for their sins and was resurrected after three days after his death and was ascended into heaven.
  4. The religious Christians believe that Jesus will save the Christians from sins once again and will come at the last judgment day. This is called as the second coming.
  5. The Holy bible consists of 72 books, including Old Testament and New Testament that portrays the teachings parables, and many fables relating to Jesus Christ and his life stories. The bible also mentions how one must live according to how the bible teaches.
  6. Christianity has got only one symbol and that being the cross.
  7. There are two main celebrations for Christianity, and they are Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ and Easter: the day Jesus Christ was resurrected.

Jesus Christ and Christianity

Who was Jesus? Yes, he was the founder of Christianity, but who is he really? He was a carpenter’s son named Joseph which makes him a carpenter. Legend and historians say that Jesus was born in the 2BC and 7 BC. Bible also mentions that Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Bethlehem, modern day Palestine. Christians believe that Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit, as Mary was a virgin.


Teachings of Christianity

Jesus, through his short stories and parables, wanted to give messages to the Christians. Some of them include; Love God. Jesus even made ten amendments and themes for the Christians to follow so that they will not follow the routes to sin.