Digital Marketing Choices in the Online Network

Every agency should think about targets (fixed points and goals to be achieved) especially in the context of Web Marketing. With this concept, it is necessary to set up a web marketing plan digital marketing agencies, a tool that allows you to set and clarify all the objectives to be pursued that are the only motivation for investment in online promotion.

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The advantage of being direct and therefore effective

The internet universe is a difficult market to understand for those who want to find new commercial channels. Therefore, the marketing agency must address you in simple language in order to make “every single word” effective. This is because the web is synonymous with speed and dynamism where only a direct expression can make the message really effective.

Positioning isn’t everything

Being well positioned on search engines should not be considered as the ultimate goal of Web Marketing, but in itself it is a means to reach an aim. Be wary of those who say they promote online only with positioning services, in fact your goal must not be to get 1,000,000 users a day, but to sell your products, increase subscribers to your newsletter or increase the contacts, etc. Most effective marketing tools are there with the best solutions.

In these terms, being among the first positions for generic words is not enough, you need to generate highly targeted traffic, interested in what you propose on your site and convince it to take an action (be it: purchase, subscription to a newsletter or forum, compilation of a form or participation in a survey, etc.)

References and feedback

Another excellent evaluation parameter to understand how a web marketing agency works is to view its customer portfolio. But be careful: don’t limit yourself to just viewing the brands and names presented, but evaluate the actual results found by customers by looking for feedback.

In any case, I advise you not to exclude a priori those who do not present their customer portfolio, for the simple fact that it could be a young reality (the internet is a constantly expanding market with always new professionals) that does not yet have a customer base so vast as to make it public or, due to lack of time, opinions have not yet been collected (the famous saying of the shoemaker with broken shoes). In any case, a good exposure and management of customer satisfaction can be considered as an extremely positive feature.

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Beware of special reports

Google, like the other main search engines, does not have privileged relationships with any positioning agency or web marketing. Those who promise “favorable treatments” or particular recommendations in the world of keywords advertising are lying shamelessly (even Google® itself in its guidelines reports:  beware of self-styled SEO agencies Search Engine Optimization which reveal to have privileged relationships with the search engine).

Beware Of Miracles

Currently, in the world of the Internet, no one can give you the certainty of the result, much less the organic positioning of your site in 2-3 working days, moreover with extremely competitive costs. Be careful with what the agency is offering you: organic positioning is a completely different service and work compared to a campaign with paid advertising placement in Pay per Click! Pay close attention also to the “security” offered by some agencies, which guarantee double the number of purchased positions (of course, but not guaranteeing the keywords you purchased: read the guarantee and the contract carefully before signing!!)

As previously mentioned, no web marketing technique or tool can guarantee certain results a priori (except in terms of protecting the customer’s investment): The best agency will offer you some solutions, collect and analyze the results obtained and then set up and test new tools that can progressively increase your return on investment (ROI), because your satisfaction is its success.